Sample'S Selected Area Playing In Loop Mode


I would like to found some loops into a long sample, as quick as it is possible…

So I load the sample as an instrument, going into Sample Editor.

I would like to select an area of the sample, then play it in loop mode without triggering the sample into the Pattern Editor.

Is it possible ?


Do you mean you want to play only the looped area? I don’t think that’s possible. If you want to play the sample from the start and then the loop, you can just trigger it with the keyboard. If you don’t want to keep the key down all the time, go to the instrument editor, enable looping for the volume envelope, and set Fadeout to 0 (the envelope has to be a horizontal line at its maximum value). The sample will now keep playing as long as you like.

Hope this helps.

If I’ve understood you correctly, then what you’re asking for is not currently possible, but there is something else that you might find useful instead. When you’re in the sample editor, you can middle-click anywhere on the waveform to begin playing from that point, and it will continue playing until you stop it. Alternatively, you can also drag a selection with the middle mouse button, and then only the area you selected will play. You can very quickly scan through a long sample this way, by clicking around with the middle button until you find something interesting.


Thanxs for your replies guys…

Yes it is very useful…even if it is not in loop mode…
But I think it should be possible to play a selection in loop mode. We need a loop mode button !
And of course it should be possible to reselect an other selection, without pressing the play button…

I mean an eternal loop mode button !!

You have this feature in all good sound editor…Rezound do it so good…

I have already asked for this in the past…but it seems that I’m the only one who needs this… :panic:

The most funny, is that I found in some previous Renoise versions a sheet code to do this… :w00t:

Thanxs again guys !

It’s a good idea and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have this option available in the sample editor. Gets my vote :)