Alright so I’m using to demo version of renoise 2.5… saving up for the real deal… but anyways. I’m trying to make a christmas medley and dubstep the shit out of it. I need some kickass dubstep samples and there isn’t much to work with with the free trial. Can anyone hook me up?

For future reference read the forum tips before posting!!

There is a thread in the renoise forum thats focuses entirely on free samples!

And btw, the samples in demo version are the same in registered version :)

ahhh okay… sorry about that :wacko: Thanks for your guidance!

HA!! don’t worry, I have done things like that more than once!! That’s why I know now!!! :lol:

Well, yes, but the backstage area has an extra sample-pack for download that you won’t get with the demo edition :)

btw about the samplepack… is it legal to pack the software with copyright material such as the amen and apache?

The amen snippet is public domain as the original music is over 50 years old i believe and the original authors don’t quite care.
I’ve heard the sample seemed to be copyrighted again, but i doubt that the new authors have a case if it is claimed the sample to be taken from the public domain version. One of the examples where i consider reclaiming copyright as senseless.
I don’t know about apache though.

Good point!! I must have registered 10 months ago and haven’t downloaded the sample pack yet!!! :lol: