Sampletank 2.5: Native Dsp Effects Are Being Applied To All Alias Inst

Problem Description
When I apply Native DSP effects (Delay/Dynamics/Filter/…) to a specific track it is applied to all alias instruments on all tracks.

The Mandatory Stuff

  1. I am using Renoise version 2.5.1 (not the demo).
  2. This issue has only been tested on Windows XP.
  3. The VSTi is SampleTank version 2.5.4 (latest release)
  4. My other DAW is Cubase, but it’s not really possible to test this bug there.
  5. What I have done to trigger this bug is explained below, and it should be rather easy to replicate.

How To Replicate

  1. Load SampleTank into instrument slot 0 (INST-0).
  2. Load an instrument in SampleTank for channel 1.
  3. Create an instrument alias of SampleTank for slot 1 (INST-1).
  4. Load another instrument in SampleTank for channel 2.
  5. Set Channel to 2 for INST-1 under “VST Instrument Properties”.
  6. Add some notes on Track 01 using INST-0.
  7. Add some notes on Track 02 using INST-1.
  8. Move the cursor to Track 01 to activate it.
  9. Apply some effects to this track, eg. Delay and EQ.
  10. Play the song and observe that the effects you applied to Track 01 for INST-0 are being applied to INST-1 as well.

I tried to investigate this problem on the forum before posting, but was unable to find anything relevant. However, it’s certainly possible I missed something, so I apologize if this topic has already been mentioned/addressed earlier.

Most likely a VSTi bug. Vst’s tend to bug up if there are multiple instances. You probably thought I would say that :rolleyes: but it was all I could think of :P

If you want to take advantage of multiple outputs within a VST plugin, then you also need to physically route each output to a different track in Renoise.

Take another look at the manual for extra information relating to aliases and routing:

I don’t use aliases for this very reason. Too many VST’s have this issue.

Thanks a lot, dblue – you just solved the problem! :D

Assuming you have two instruments loaded in SampleTank on channel 1 and 2, and you use these on Track 01 and Track 02, respectively, here is what I did for future reference:

  1. In SampleTank OUT is by default set to 1+2 for all instruments; change this to 3+4 for the second instrument (simply click on 1+2 and move the mouse upwards). I don’t know if the number of output options depends on your setup (I don’t think it does), but on my system you can select all the way up to 31+32, allowing you to select unique outputs for each of the 16 instruments.

  2. In Renoise click Setup Routing from VST Instrument Properties, and assign Bus #01 to Track 01 and Bus #02 to Track 02.

  3. Under Track DSPs make sure Routing is set to Master Track for both tracks.

I’m glad the info helped. I would have typed a more detailed explanation, but I was laying in bed at the time, haha. Just couldn’t resist checking the forum once more before going to sleep :)

Anyway, thank you for expanding on the information for the benefit of other forum readers!

You’re welcome! :)