Sampletank 2 Xl Stretch

I have searched the forums for an answer, but didn’t find it.

Please - Could anyone who owns Sampletank 2 XL and use it with Renoise tell me if STRETCH ™ does work properly or not in Renoise?

This feature is really important to me, especially for the vocals and flutes. My impression from other threads in the forum is that there were problems with Sampletank 2 XL and earlier versions of Renoise. Does this problem still exist today?

(I am a registered user of Renoise.)

I find sampletank 2 to be a bit buggy sometimes. On searches it can hang here if by mistake you enter a search for nothing in the search field, for example.

It has hung a fair few times on stretch analysis here too. There is a way round this however which I have just double checked for you, which is loading ST2 into another host, doing the stretch analysis there on the patch you want and then loading it again in renoise. (tried in eXT).

NOTE BEFORE YOU SPLASH OUT!: Try this with the demo yourself first, this works here but double check on your system.

Thank you for that information!

When I tested the demo and loaded a vocal patch in Renoise, the computer hung while ST2 was “analyzing” the stretch thing.

So I tested loaded the vocal patch again in the free VSTHost. Then I loaded it Renoise. This time it worked.

However, I wonder about one more thing: What if there are several patches that are loaded in one click (a Combi-load), so that ST2 is filled with 16 instruments. Does the above procedure (i.e. loading into another host) still work then?

OK, so now I have tested ST2 more extensively and my conclusion is that right now (February 2006) it doesn’t work very well with Renoise. I won’t buy it and for the record I don’t recommend it to others who want to use a VST-sampler within Renoise.

I’ve got Sampletank L and never use the stretch-feature as it’s for me a sample bank, nothing more… Maybe I should check out the other features and get disappointed. :P

Sampletank has a good library with great presets, but that’s all.

I would never prefer it to Kontakt.