Sampletank 2 Xl

I bought Sampletank and I’m (was…) really happy for its program change feature.

My problem: when I apply the 92 command in the panning row, the pattern stops to flow for less than one second, the incoming sound is played with a light delay and it cuts itsel after two or three rows.

It seems that the cpu takes its time to load the new instrument, but if it’s so, I don’t know which kind of utility I can get from program change in Sampletank…

Is there someone experiencing this same problem?? Is there a solution??


buy more RAM :)

1 Gb is not enough?? Ok, another Gb is arriving!!

Thanx It-Alien

Wait, I dont think that RAM is really an issue here. Maybe Sampletank just needs a lot of power to switch a program. Then Ram wont help here. Only the sampletank developers might be able to fix this.

It it’s loading large samples from disk, the HD is more likely to be a bottleneck than the RAM. As taktik say, this you have to ask the sampletank people about.

simply don’t use program change … as taktik and martinal says - programchange in a softsampler needs time maybe … use a single instance of sampletank for every sound and everything is ok - or what?! ;)

well ok… if you already have 1GB, probably RAM is not the problem, unless you are using a lot of huge programs (which are quite rare in SampleTank’s library, by the way).

It’s more likely that this can’t be solved, as taktik said.

Having more than one sampler program loaded at a time has sense only if the sequencer supports multitimbrality.

An exception to this is Kontakt, because you can play more than one program at a time (by creating what in Kontakt is called a “multi”).
This can be useful because it lets you add group effects to each single program, allowing a more effective sound engineering, expecially for drumkits.

For example, a reverb just for snare and cymbals can be achieved by using Kontakt’s send effect knobs, if you are not using a multi, but you can also load a snare and the cymbals in two separate programs and add a completely different reverb to each of them; this obviously consumes more CPU.

Yes… I have Kontakt and Multi-intruments feature is really good…

Btw, when I tried program change in sampletank I had only one intrument loaded and I use Renoise in a partition of my PC which has only Windows and some music program, nothing else… So are you saying I can’t use control change?? Did you try it (you have sampletank 2 too, don’t you??)??

yes… I’m trying it now… but I actually can’t manage to let program change work :D

oh well… just load a new instance :rolleyes:

Yes sir!! :)