Sampletankxt Will Not Start

can someone please help? Ive installed SampleTankXT on my laptop with win7. renoise cant load STank-other hosts can do. the vst folder is not in the program folder. thanks in advance.

I have not used this particular plug, so i don’t know if there is a 32 and 64 bit version of it, but if so…

Make sure you installed the 32 bit version, since Renoise will ignore 64 bit plugs.

Have you tried starting Renoise as admin?

thanks for reply.
yes i start renoise as admin and its a 32bit plugin. its also very strange because on my other laptop with win7 SampleTank-vsti works well with renoise. so i think no one can help. :(

ST-XT works fine here too. (in Vista, as Admin)
Do you mean that you can see “SampleTank2.x” in the VSTi list in Renoise, but you cannot load it ?
Already try to reinstall ST ?

…ok., now it works. i thought that i run win7 as admin but i didnt. ive found an instruction how to do this in win 7-home, et viola, STank now works correctly in renoise! :)
thanks to all who helped me!