Sampling from Another Application

Hi all,

this is my very first post here. So it is guaranteed to be stupid :slight_smile:

I wonder if it is possible to record a sample from Chrome or other application outputing some audio on the same PC.


My audio interface has a loopback function, which allow me to record the windows sounds. Maybe there is something similar on your system?

There are some tips here on the forum like:


I don’t have that loopback device on my PC, but I’ve managed to record audio from other applications as described here:

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doesn’t windows have by default audio loopback (but hidden?)
anyway, you could use jack to route audio (not sure about running on windows tho),
there is also this:
and this:

voicemeeter is a little power hungry but it’s easy to use n does the job!

The easiest seems to be Audacity (free) with “Window WASAPI” + “Speakers (loopback)” settings.

Other solutions are a bit less good and need additionnal work:

  • OBS (free) can record sound but you need to extract it from the resulting MKV video file
  • XBOX hidden game bar with video capture included (Win+G) can record sound but you need to extract it from the resulting MP4 video file

I tested those 3 solutions today on a YouTube video.
All worked fine for me.

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ah yes WASAPI. would love to have the option for those drivers in Renoise

I just tested with Reaper :relaxed: :flushed: and WASAPI audio system settings.
And yes, it works fine, Reaper can record sound from other applications.

If you happen to be on Mac, there’s an open source tool called BlackHole that lets you route any audio input or output through it. You’d just output from Chrome to BlackHole, then BlackHole to your audio recording app of choice.