Samson C01 (or C03) Usb Condenser Mics

Anyone here using this mic together with renoise? If so what are your experiences with it?

I’m thinking about investing relatively little cash for this mic based on some good reviews in Future Music and on the internet (…amson/C01U/10/1 ), the price quality ratio seems to be good…tho I wonder how I’d set it up in renoise, bet it’ll just be a matter of clicking in the usb and selecting it a a recording device in windows set up.

still, some renoise user feedback would be nice!



Most DAWs have got problems with recording in full duplex via USB in.
Depends a lot on the driver I´d say. Before Ill betatest those Ill stick with T-bones or Oktavas using the audioins of mixer + soundcard or a soundcard with a mic interface.

I´ve seen ithey come shipped with sonar LE so at least they should work using sonar as a sequencer.