Samson C03U Microphone

I’m seriously considering getting the following mic for a variety of uses, and I’m wondering if anyone here has personal experience with it:

I’ve got 3 specific questions for anyone who has:

  • Is there much of a noise floor?
  • Is there audible latency?
  • Does the microphone automatically compensate (via slow release compressor for instance) for the level of the audio coming in, or does it let you adjust that in the drivers?

I don’t want any conjecture here from people who haven’t used it … I want actual feedback from people who’ve used it.

If you’ve used it’s predecessor, the c01u, feel free to comment as well.

Something makes me think I’m not gonna get any responses regarding this :P

heya byteh, ive used the c01u before and i have to say it was good for the money it cost, other than that it was a bit unusable:

  • there was noise indeed
  • there was latency (too much to use realtime fx ;] )
  • somehow cant use more inputs at the same time
  • the low cut software driver thingy always crashed

dunno bout this new version… it might be fixed. but i doubt it.

so, i would say that if you want to use this only for podcasting type stuff it might do the job nicely, also the noise could be removed after the recording.
but you get what you pay for.

Why can’t you just buy a normal mic + a preamp?! Those direct USB things usually suck a lot.

I’ve used the C01U at work for screencasting stuff.

I was surprised by how good it sounded considering what it is (a condenser mic and a soundcard rolled into one) and how cheap it is. It was not noise free but frankly the sonic problems we had came more from poor acoustics than the mic, which is probably going to be the case for anyone who is spending this little on a recording setup.

I’ve seen great reviews for this particular model, and mic + preamp costs significantly more.

And the reviews are right imo… i’m owning exactly this model and i’m satisfied with it. Of course it’s sensitive and shouldn’t be used next to your noisy PC case with shitloads of coolers or you’ll have indeed a pretty high noise floor. When i’m doing recordings with mine i’m using my laptop, which is nearly silent, and go to my kitchen to record there. Not sure about the latency, since i have only recorded voice samples with it and then reused the samples in Renoise. Also i don’t have this preamp thingy installed since all i need for recordings is offered by my audio editor so i can’t comment on that either. Another nice bonus are the switchable Supercardioid, Omni, and Figure-8 Pickup patterns. Samson offers a sample recording made with it and you can really get that nice and clear sound out of it if you take care where you record. In case you’re owing a mic preamp already, Samson offers the same model with XLR connection too.

Also for what it’s worth… i was too undecided back then what microphone to choose and got this as recommendation from Mark. They are using this Microphone to train singers in school and i’m still thinking it was the right choice for the money, even though i do own an Omni I/O meanwhile and have preamps available. Using my laptop in the kitchen is much easier than taking care of any noise levels made by pc cooling in my bedroom.

Oh sweet dude… I didn’t think anyone was gonna own one. Can you do me a favor and test the latency on it? Particularly, if you’ve got it playing directly into your soundcard’s output (no host in between), is there any noticable delay? Do you think such a monster could be used in a live setting? Also, less important, if you shove it through Renoise on a line-in, is there significant audible delay? … again, in this instance, I’m considering live use.

Do you have any personal stuff online using this mic that I could hear?

Well, i tend to process my recordings quite a bit but here are some examples anyway:

  1. @ 3:40

  2. @ 0:56 & @ 1:42

  3. Snippet from an unreleased track:

  4. Inside the Renoise 2.5 default installation, load the instrument demons.xrni from the pads category. Also made out of my voice. :)

For the latency i can do some tests later this day.

Hah… do you ever :P

Kick ass… thank you kindly dude :) I owe you a collab or something :P