Sanity By PanosK

Hello people i hope you are doing well .

i am currently working on this one ,any feedback will be noted.Vocals are only one take so dont spank me :smiley: :smiley:


I like this.
The abruptly stopped reverb effect on the vocals.
The vocal melody.
The general vibe.
The one note bass line at the beginning and end.

The part in the middle (begins 1.23) sounds a tad conventional to my ears.
The bass is maybe too loud? Just a little bit? And the lead synth too.
Vocal’s a bit muddy.

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Thanks Sam for the pointers.About that part in 1.23,this is how i wanted it to go, conventional-familiar, i think for this type of song is enough but with me you never know what will come out by the time i finish it,if i finish it that is.

For me that is okay, I appreciated the listening and the composition.Your voice have some electro-rock touch and that make some well contrast with the EDM beat.

The only thing is that the voice seems sometimes a bit too behind or blurry than the other instruments. Maybe the pronunciation could be sometime more accentuated, especialy on louder rythm parts.

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The vocals are one take i will sing it better.Thanks Fabrice

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