Sarabande in D minor - Sylvius Leopold Weiss

So a lot of you guys haven’t heard me play guitar, so I thought I would post this for fun. I still edited the sound in Renoise because I’m recording inside a wind tunnel right now, but I still think it’s work a look.

A little info about the piece: S.L. Weiss was an 18th century composer and lutist, and a very competent one at that. This piece is a sarabande with an AA’BB’ form. The repeats are embellished as per tradition in that time. The piece also doesn’t modulate at all, which is kind of interesting seeing that Weiss lived around the same time as Bach. Supposedly Weiss and Bach had improvisation contests with each other according to Wikipedia lol.

This is excellent playing. I have a Barrios-Mangore collections album I gotta go listen to now.

nice playing. but the recording sounds a bit boxy to me, perhaps too much low mids and not enough highs. has a lofi feel to it. good listen nevertheless