Sarah's Oboe.. Theme

A simply theme using a few instruments.
Criticisms please!!
Use headphones… Will be better for bass notes.


Nice! I get modern zelda feelings. Good vibes.

I would have guessed it is a bassoon though… it’s not?

Thanks Joule. Its a Bass Oboe, as you Know… Expanding the range you can use as a normal Oboe.

Its a. Sf2 soundont

Using Samplelord to trigger these Fonts.

Beautiful track! Pleasant to hear, I like the BMG mood and the evolution of the composition.

Is it me or the global volume of the track seems to be weak?

Otherwise keep in mind to play with sustain or reverb to not make the transitions too abrupt (for example at 3’45). That’s just a suggestion.

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Thank you very much Fabrice for your suggestions, first, I have to say about the volume level of the song that it is true that it is somewhat low, and it is because the violins that I have used since the beginning are very loud, and I have not replaced them with others I have continued with them, this is a mistake, but I like the somewhat squeaky tone on this theme, in a second review I will change them for warmer ones, and thus be able to increase their volume of the subject.

With respect to the second suggestion, I have to say that it is true that the last 5 seconds need an introduction using some element, either percussion, string or other sound.

The truth is that the theme ended in 3.45 but I wanted to make a remain of the main melody, so I created some strings and transposed the main chords to -2 semitones.

Maybe a snareroll or cymbal or timbals would have given way to this end, in short it can always be done and improved.

I like very much to try to made Orchestral themes, I enjoy a lot using chords and chords, this theme only uses 6 tracks, and 8 instruments, a bit of reverb and nothing else, may be the Main Oboe some…nasal… I will replace it for a better…(Chris Hein - Woodwind Oboe).

I really like that you have made technical comments on the song, it is what I need to hear, sometimes a comment about I like it or I do not like it seems good but insufficient, because technical aspects serve to correct or improve parts of the song, because I think that when we compose we get so used to hearing the same subject so much that we don’t see the failures, and a second opinion is always very welcome.
Thank you.

In a few days I will post another theme called “Horses Racing

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I think the end with the remain melody is nice. It’s more about when the pads violins are stopping just before, and yes a soft cymbal rolling could be nice to introduce the last part.

The Chris Hein - Woodwind Oboe seems to be good. Anyway IMO for orchestral one of the main key is to select good sounds (and a good reverb too).

Sorry Fabrice…“IMO”…

What does mean ?

Greetings. :blush::blush::blush:

“In My Opinion.”

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Such a nut…my brain !!!
Thanks Stoiximan !



No swet I had a similar question about LOL a while back

Nice composition , I’m also trying to work on orchestral compositions ( with darker vibes).
The chord progression and theme are very nice.
IMO the strings feel a bit too much “synthetic” but it may be a choice and still works well with the song.
Have you heard about the free Spitfire instruments called “LABS” ?

Lovely composition! :slight_smile: