Sassy Justice - donald trumps new career?

I have to share this, it’s fucking hilarious


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This is hilariously terrifying. I honestly didn’t think deep-fakes had already progressed this far.

Its brilliant. I was in tears of laughter when he said he watched the internet for a week with his ears and just got confused


Deep fakes are easy to do, you just need the time to process them. A mate and me did one this year and we both got freaked out switching heads onto each others bodies. In all honesty we ended up feeling really uncomfortable about it… it was the oddest feeling ever.

I expected more from the southpark creators , the deepfake is amazing …but the humour is abit of a let down .
Same thing with the re-issue of BBC’s legendary 'spitting image ’ , great puppets, but humour is dissapointing , altough it’s great to see how they make fun of him and his followers