Saturation plug in to add even harmonics, maybe even octaves only

I am looking for such a saturation plugin, which lets me control the added harmonics, so I could only add octave harmonics, or even harmonics. I have seen such a plugin, but I sadly cannot remember it. Any ideas?

Melda has such plugins, but I cannot use it, due heavy PDC caused by the used FFT approach. So I need a plugin which also has only little or none PDC.

In theory, if I want to add the exact octaved harmonics to a played sound, would it require frequency or pitch analysis, or is there some kind of magical basic math algorithm?

Nice, thanks, will try that one… Wasn’t that soundtoys decap also providing even harmonics algo? At least it provides aliasing :smile:

P.S.: Flag? Are you suffering from paranoia or something?

Sounds pretty nice at least with the upper controls. But also sounds like odd harmonics.

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airwindows pafnuty?

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nice, will try that.

@LofiMat somebody flagged your post, did you annoy someone?

no I just gave you a link to a good delay as yu allready know. no ories friend I also maild Taktik about this.:cowboy_hat_face:

Not sure boutz odd/even harmonikzzz but this one is my favor Disto Plug and works on Mac Also: Allso has Wavshaper and Ringmod and mad Modulations.

P.S This is also my last post in this post becaus limited to 3 now - so thank for the banning to yu&yur other friend:roll_eyes: Dank

there is a lot of gems in airwindows bundle (every plugin is free, and are gui-less)

~ and are awesome! there are some weird plugins as well!

Also quite useful, thanks. Maybe not as good sounding as the soundhack thing, but more parameters.


Hm, currently experimenting a lot in this area, “saturation” and “waveshaping”. Seems to me that often the most basic algorithms sound better than those heavy analog emulation saturation impulse response plugins.

For example, I have no idea how to use wavesfactory spectre, you only seem to be able to add saturation using peak filters, and there is no volume compensation per band, so it is always a (bad) sounding eq, too? What am I missing here? Did you try it? It has a ton of algorithms, but then fabfilter saturn seems to be more well thought (but it seems to be a bit limited algorithmic wise).

Any idea for nice waveshaping plugins, besides melda msaturation?


This Airwinows dont even hav a gui and sound awful - like distortd almost. If yu want a good sounding Distortion the Krush Pro is really mad - really good Plugg and my favor in general.

so? please read before even stating something already said

what did you expect from a plugin that does add pure harmonics to the sound? you think you can add a 3rd harmonic to a full track and expect miracle? hm? some pretty dancing girl? i don’t think so. Please explore what it is about before stating such things.

OP asked for harmonics, this is the tool for adding pure harmonics (no additional processing, this is its purest form).
Your personal opinion is “i love this plugins so it’s best”, while op asks for adding specific harmonics to material. Evading topic as usual

and please try to spell words correctly since in every post you misspell like 90% of content
thkn yuo verui mucxh

I hav ADHS and want/need quik result so the one I mentiond gives quick good results maybe the kind the ops askd for if he tried and it has Wavshaping to with he askd last. Anyway maybe yur Arwindows is exact what he askd for who knows and we will find out I’m sure. So pleese letzz see Result NOT Insult!! :sunglasses: Dank

sorry if you took that as an insult, but claiming that plugin is awful just because you cannot find its usage right it’s not the reason at all to do so.

(some info regarding Chris from airwindows: plugins are guiless, straight to the point, without snake oil. He is one man alone behind all of those wonderful free plugins, he has no time to make fancy gui, yet plugins are free and sound amazing, and from my side most importantly - cross platform linux/mac/win)

Cheers and sorry for misunderstanding.

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A Lot of these airwindows plugins are damn awesome!
And i love the fact they are actually GUI-less… which actually also saves quite some resources… for instance, those plugins which are 500mb because 496mb of images… not even starting to talk about graphical effects yet here…