Save As *.It

This buddy of mine kinda refuses to use anything else than ModPlug-Tracker. I got no problem loading his IT-files on to Renoise. But he obviously he cant load the XRNS-files on to ModPlug. Is there any way to either save as *.IT or is there a XRNS 2 IT converter somewhere out there? The worst of it all is that he makes killer hiphop beats with ModPlug and would be even better with Renoise any ideas how to make him switch?

Thank you


reasons to switch:

  • Renoise can load .IT’s, while MPT can’t load XRNS’
  • Renoise can adapt keyboard shortcuts to adhere to MPT standards while MPT can’t adapt to Renoise’s
  • I think that making hip-hop is does not require a very hard effort in terms of tracking notes and commands, so he should not spend lots of time in the switch.
  • Renoise is better :)

Well… all those arguments are all ready used. Guess he’s just lacy and wont make the switch coz Renoise seems confusing in the beginning. I myself switched about 2 years ago and im still finding new functions and stuff that make me go WOW!

well you can use the same argument you just provided with him: we all improve every day our knowledge of Renoise and I think noone can really say that he knows all about it. If you stop learning, you’re at a dead end.