Save button pressed accidentally

Hi, probably a daft question,

I made a track, saved it, then deleted the blocks, and started a new track using the same instruments etc.

Then I accidentally saved without renaming it.

If that makes sense? So the new track overwrote the old one.

Is there a temp folder or something where I could possibly retrieve the old track.

On a mac.

Thanks in advance.

You should have enabled the save backups option in the preferences. If you did you will find multiple numbered versions of your original project song in the same folder where the current project is saved. If you did not however, then apart from data recovery it is kinda difficult to sus out a simple solution.

If you however have Time Machine enabled on a Mac then you can recover older versions of a single original file. Tools like Recuva, Photorec and similar data recovery software might help if you try. Prepare on another computer and stop using the current computer if data recovery is the way to go.

you could have pressed ctrl+z back to the original state i believe, the undos are unlimited if i rmember correctly.

keep habit of frequently advancing file version with each substantial change of material. keeping all old versions. or is ur hdd already full with crap?

oh and enable auto save, you can even choose a directory so you can housekeep.

all the hassle always better than losing inspiration.