"save Changes..." Notification

When you select a song from the list “Save changes…” pops up also when there were no changes made, like when you solo and then unsolo a track. I got used to this, no big deal.
But it might be confusing sometimes, one might not know if there actually were some changes made or not.

And when you press the ‘new song’ button it pops up a “delete all”, “Are you sure…” window. Wouldn’t it be more simple if there was just the “Save changes…” window, which would pop up for both circumstances?

Then there’s a more important issue: Adding or replacing a sample doesn’t get considered a change. Aka there is no “Save changes…” notification after this action.

Muted channels are actually saved, so this is the correct behaviour.

But if you mute and then unmute a channel there is no change, AFAIK.