Save Device Name With Preset

it would be nice to have the name you give a certain device (optionally?) saved with a preset. for example, i always low-cut my sounds, and i have a couple of low-cut-presets on the Filter, but i always rename that particular device to ‘LOCUT’.

Save it as a DSP Chain and it works. Make sure loading default is to not overwrite existing chain. I know that’s probably not what you want though (and no idea if Names are/can be part of the Preset format/fxp) but might help a little for now.


The same applies to .active_preset_data in lua. Today you need to handle .display_name separately, if you for instance want to copy a dsp in lua.

good point as a workaround. refresh my memory: can DSP-chains be inserted in another chain now, or do they still replace the existing chain? because i think the old behavior is still there, which makes this only half a workaround, really.

They can’t inserted into a custom position, but they can be appended to an existing chain.

Prefs > Files > Device Chain Import

Or right-click a chain in the Disk Browser and choose “Load File with Options”

if they can be appended, the DSP-chain thing is a proper workaround. i’d still like to see this feature though.

Has only ever been an option and I have to say one I think it weird to be set as the default (I think appending, rather than overwriting, is what most people would want to use the majority of the time.) Hence my “Make sure loading default is to not overwrite existing chain” comment.

ah sorry man completely missed you already saying that.