"Save each track into a separate file" post-group/master effec

“Save each track into a separate file” now only renders the effects on the given track, so pre-group/master effects. That’s nice to “freeze” tracks. But I’d love it if there was an option to render tracks with all of the effects in the groups above it, post-group/master effects, for easier rendering of stems. Here’s why…

I use groups and groups in groups in groups with effects all over the place a lot. For example, I often split the frequency bands of a synth recording into separate tracks (for more precise stereo imaging etc), group them and EQ/process them as a whole. Or I put a subtle distortion automation on a group of multiple percussion tracks. Or I group all the drum tracks together to faster adjust the volume. Stuff like that.

With the current “save each track into a separate file” option it would render all tracks without all the effects, automation, volume changes, … in the groups above it. Yeah, it also renders the groups. But I want to have the detailed tracks for further mixing/processing in other DAW’s. Now I either have to solo groups and render them manually one by one or I’d have to copy all effects/automation/volumes into each and every track beneath it.

I find it hard to believe this hasn’t been suggested before. Searched the forum, but couldn’t find much about it.

I think it hasn’t been talked about because that’s just not how the routing works. It’s like if you used a send track, and you wanted to render each track with the send effects on it. The signal is summed before it gets to the effects, so the only way you could get what you want is to solo each track and render, as you said.

It might be possible with a tool. Perhaps Raul’s new SamRender is a good place for something like this.

It might be possible with a tool. Perhaps Raul’s new SamRender is a good place for something like this.

Yes, with SamRender,it is only necessary to mute all the tracks except the desired track, and use the “Entire Song” setting. The entire track will be recorded in a single sample, including all its effect chains. Try not to have any effect on the Master track.In this way, you can convert all the tracks into separate samples and use them for other things, for example, to load them into another DAW that accepts audio wave tracks…

Edit : if the track is within a group, the effects of this group will also be recorded.

Thanks! That sounds helpful. Gonna check it out.