Save Instrument And Its Track Dsps

Just an idea.

You can make pretty awesome synths by using a simple sample and some of the naitive dsp:s with some nice settings.
However when you load the instrument its just loaded as a basic sample again, so you have to remake it for every song.

How about ability to save an instrument together with its track of dsps and their settings?
Loading it would load it into its own track with the dsps and their settings or you load it.

Perhaps an instrument could even have a few different types of track dsp:s settings included.

On the instrument panel you select “load instrument track dsps settings”.

Meaning an Renoise instrument is extended to include different default settings of track dsps.
Making Renoise also into more of a Synth.


As samples aren’t limited to a particular track, how is Renoise supposed to know which DSP chain is supposed to be saved with it and how will it know which track to load the chain in to?

how to know which dsp? -> all dsp in a channel (track)
how to know which track? -> drag’n’drop (already possible) or at doubleclick into the selected track

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"But what if you’re using the same instrument in half a dozen tracks? Which DSP chain gets saved? "

the dsp chain in which track your cursor is. hence i would say again “the selected one”.

But what if you’re using the same instrument in half a dozen tracks? Which DSP chain gets saved?

I imagine that it could save one or more chains.
Each would than be included as a “Instrument track dsp preset”.

If you save the instrument with its dsps.
A box could open with tracknames and checkboxes next to them.
Asking if you would like to include any of the tracks as dsp presets.

Maybe something like it would be possible to do as a tool.

It’s very toolable, but I think people are a bit lazy waiting for export/import functions in lua for Renoise file formats. AFAIK noone has yet made a tool dealing with these formats even though it’s technically possible.