Save/Load FX Chain Group/List?

Hello, I’ve looked/attempted, but had no luck so far.

Is it possible/and/or are there any workarounds for saving and loading FX chain Groups/Lists?

For example, for a drum loop, I made an FX chain list that corresponds to my rewired DAW (logic) sending all the specific sounds to certain busses: Kick, Snare, Ghost Snares, Sticks/Clicks, Highs, Cymbals/Rides etc.

Is there anyway to save and load this FX chain group/list for different instruments?

Obviously not so it automatically assigns samples in the same number/position as the previous instrument into the specific FX chains, but just to save me creating, naming and sending (to a track/bus) six or so FX chains (Kick, Snare, Ghost Snares, Sticks/Clicks, Highs, Cymbals/Rides) each time.

Cheers guys :)/>

If you specifically want to save chains as groups, have the chains inside instruments, as rewire slave renoise can send to rewire busses directly, just choose the appropriate output in the instrument sample effects menu.

Not certain if this is what you mean, but I’ve now saved and labeled a ‘blank drum template’, and just delete the sample (that you have to have in it to save the instrument, and then load your new one and you’ve got the same FX Chain group loaded. :)