Save Melody As *.midi


Somebody asked me or I could send a melody to him as a *.midi file. Is this possible, and if yes, how do I do this?
I have already deleted the whole song with exception of the melody en rendered it, but this output is *.wav.

Most probably a very noobie question, so thanks for your time te answer it in advance :)



Step one: Use the Search Function.
Step two: Find it is not supported natively but there is a tool.
Step three: Download tool and hopefully smile.

as you said, but this should be a feature request also? export whole song to midi, too. how many songs songs have you made in old more or less deprecated trackers that you wish you could at least extract your musical ideas from? maybe we think renosie will last forever but what happens when taktik becomes the king of madagascar and doesn’t care about renoise anymore and open sources renoise but by then computers are made of biologically generated material based on acgt instead of 01 data storage. omg. but midi still lives…

I think you’ll find better handling of both MIDI Import and Export have been suggested and discussed many times and thus the Devs are well aware of the current limitations. This was posted in Beginners Questions so I answered the question (to the best of my knowledge) while suggesting it wouldn’t have been hard to find the same answer through a little searching.

Thanks for your help. I did search for the information, but there are a lot of mesaages on the forum considering midi.

Another noob question: are the effect commands changed in 2.8? So everythning you finally know isn’t valid anymore, or is this a setting wich can be changed?

Yes, I believe so.

Don’t think so… There is the drop-down box if you can’t quite remember and the mnemonics should be a lot easier to submit to memory in short time than the old Hex system.

true, you’re right. i remember and i have been one to mention this before. its hard to resist bumping features. am i doing it now?

No, you’re bumping a questions thread ;)

I’m sure any chatter helps it stay on the developers radar though.

Tnx Kazakore, think I should take some time to read through all the changes etc :)

Don’t have a lot of time workoing 50 hours a week and three children sick at home the last 3,5 weeks, sothanks for taking the time answering this questions!