Save Pattern Block?

This is a feature that Live has and it is pretty useful.

The idea would be to have a save type (a la dsp chain, theme, sample) of Pattern Block which would save the contents of the selected block into a renoise-readable xml at the desired location with a user-specified filename. That way if, say, I could have a library of favorite drum patterns and drop them in when I want.

Maybe when it was imported it would automatically take on the selected instrument?

EXTRA CREDIT: It would be double sweet if this could save the pattern block’s referenced instruments alongside it in some kind of zip or something so that when you brought a pattern back in it also brought in its referenced instruments.

That sounds like a lot of work, though… maybe for 3.0?

How about 2.6 with scripts?

I dunno, it seems like a feature that would be useful to those who are not power-users.

I could already do it with a script right now without any extra coding on the devs’ part (not the part with the instruments being included, though. OR COULD I? Hmm…).

two words: “instrument patterns”

I have a new app for the pasting now which is even cooler
I will post a vid of that tomo or some such

The idea is to build this using scripting when we can (Taktik confirms that it will work)