Save Patterns

Is it possible to save the note datas of a track in a pattern to a file and put them into another song?

For example if you often use the same bassline, you have to enter it in the pattern editor each time you create a new song. It would be a lot easier if you can save the note datas of a track to a file.

If you are in another song, and you load this file in, the current selected track in the current pattern will be replaced with the “file”.

So you can build up a type of template-library and song composing would be much faster.

Hi Maverick :)
Yes, this is actually possible and to say the true, it’s a feature that’s available on trackers since the age of FT2… :rolleyes:
Simply click on DISKOP and you’ll notice a small button column stating to the editor what kind of object you’re about to manipulate.
By default you find the SONG button pressed… this tells Renoise that it can expect all clicked files to be *.RNS files. Right under this one you find the “TRACK” button… and guess what it does? :)
Witht his you can save the pattern you’re playing in PatternEditor. You can specify a name by filling the empty field on the side of the SAVE button.

Ah… before you go trying… you know you can copy and move patterndata inside the same song without saving anything but using a simple shortcut… don’t ya? :lol:

It’s probably good to remember that… (by default)

ALT + F3 = Cut selected block
ALT + F4 = Copy selected block
ALT + F5 = Paste copied block to current cursor position

and of course

SHIFT + F3 = Cut blank all data in the track you’re in
SHIFT + F4 = Copy all track
SHIFT + F5 = Paste copied track column onto the track you’re in

You can always press LEFT CONTROL ( CTRL ) plus the same function keys to obtain pasting and cutting entire song patterns instead of tracks or blocks…

anyway… you probably knew that, it was just to refresh memory :)
Hope this was usefull

it does nothing he asked for :)

the save track feature saves the DSP chain data, not the notes. Try it for yourself.

the cut&copy trick is true, instead.

yes, i know. i’m not sure but if i remember right even my old protracker on amiga had this feature already

of course, the first thing i’ve tried were the steps you described above, but it only saves the preferences of the DSP Track (Effects and something like that) but sadly the note datas get lost when I reload the TRACK-File :frowning:

So, whats my mistake??? :slight_smile:

thanks, but i know that already. very similar to protracker and fasttracker :slight_smile: I LOVE IT!!!

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the shame on me!!!