Save Selection As Xrns, And Xrns Parsing

Discussing loop libraries, and samples in another thread i came to think of a solution that would be really neat. It would be really nice to save a selection in your pattern as an XRNS. That could be used for saving just a part of a song for use later or for making libraries with Loops etc.

Imagine you’re working on a song. You make a few tracks of drums but the you decide to redo them. Instead of saving the whole song and making several version of it. You could save a set of tracks in a Mini XRNS in another library and start working on some new.

For sharing purposes, a handy click button with the text “Remove reference to non-native DSP effects and VST instruments” would be good as well.

You would also need a way to Parse a few tracks from another XRNS file to open up that old Drum tracks u made in another song, or for the other user (if shared) to start editing and tweaking it.

File > Import > XRNS (or whatever)

Maybe it would be better to call it XRNG and restrict the lenght of the file you’re exporting and parsing to the lenght of 1 Pattern. adding a few extra tracks to your song with the new information…

Possible or not?

Like this?

Yeah exactly that’s what I mean … I just didn’t get his explanation of that thing at first… Snippets??? :P