Was just thinking about how code snippets work for some programming IDEs.
Would it be an idea to be able to grab a selection in a pattern, choose “export as snippet”, making Renoise take all samples associated with that selection as well as pattern data and save that to a separate minimalistic xrns derivative, and have Renoise enumerate all those exported bits in its own category?

So lets say you cut up a break real detailed like. You select the cut up break in the pattern editor, right click, export. In another project, you could right click in the pattern editor, select “import snippet”.

Renoise would then load that file, append the associated instruments to the bottom of the instrument list and paste in the pattern data.

Methinks this could be handy.


In a sense, i guess?

Sounds good

Yes, this is definitely a step in the right direction.


Really, really useful way to save breaks with their pattern data.

sounds like an ace idea - but i doubt i’d use it much,

If you only want to duplicate that pattern data along with the samples / instruments and nothing else… Render to Sample and just save that sample would probably enough :P
This seems more a request for the PHP scripters to perform this rather than having this stuff actually in Renoise itself.
But if a scripting engine would be implemented in side Renoise that would allow saving stuff and loading stuff this way…
You would be able to write that script yourself.

Very handy, and I’ll use it very often.


This has been suggested before…




Sure. But still not possible to save “with a song”, as in my example. :blink:

EDIT: And still impossible to copy from the “clip2code output” to renoise clipboard. Useless imo.


No, I can’t. Because then it looks like i described in this thread

He probably meanted the clip2code contents to a notepad or texteditor

Mmh. But It’s still useless. I can’t copy from notepad and paste it into renoise… (?)

ffs, we just want a notepad INSIDE renoise. Can it be so hard to implent?

+1 to having clips…however, no idea where that would be stored onscreen…might it in the playlist window as a separate view like the three main windows have their different displays? Or maybe a pullout-like affair with the ‘advanced edit’ menu?

Also, would like to add that clips should be loadable from within songs by using the diskbrowser, then expanding a song that uses clips to reveal and audition those songs’ clips.

I’m not sure if I’d use this feature, but it seems to be popular these days. I think it would be best with chopped breaks and such…load up a clip and it’s auto synced if the original was chopped correctly to begin with. Hmmm…

Maybe something like this?

Anyway, this is the ONE feature that I think would be a real time-saver. The essence of tracking is to enter and move around data in a spread-sheet kind of way, and there’s plenty of room for new tools in regard to that procedure itself. A clipboard-based economy would be such a powerful tool, without doubt.

I’m not too keen on this snippets thing, IMHO it would take precious time away from the improved instrument format. If instruments were to have pattern data of their own, as it has been suggested, the clip feature will simply become obsolete.

Edit: but a thirdparty clipboard manager would be great - and support multiple instances of Renoise too :wink:

Yeah I know. But as I’m not a programmer, I cant read XML code. How the f**k could I make it work as an notepad with copy/paste and paste/copy to renoise and vice verca?

I Just want it to work like this:

lets say I’ve written a nice bassline, and think "Maybe I want to use this bassline (or similar) in another track.
I select the code: → rightclick → copy (or Ctrl+C). Open my “Renoise-notepad” and paste it. There It goes, And there it stays.’

A workaround is to create a new xrns file. and use it as an notepad. BUT then I have to open two instances of renoise. And I dont want to do that… :wacko: