Save Song As Midi?

So… is it possible to save a song as a midi file?

If you’re on Windows there is XRNS2MIDI: “a converter able to convert a XRNS song to a Midi AMF 1/2 File format”

Option B:

Thanks guys! :D

I tried both of these utilities to create a MIDI file: and

When you play keyboards into Renoise, it uses the Delay column to represent notes that don’t start on the grid. However, neither of these utilities uses the Delay column when creating a MIDI file. So it seems accurate MIDI files can’t be created. :(

Am I missing something?

It’s currently not supported in the XRNS-PHP version.

It was created for 1.9, before the delay column existed. Development to support that column is on an imaginary todo list.

Patches welcome.

Ouch. This is a major limitation for me. I don’t want to have my MIDI performances locked into Renoise with no way to export them. So once I’ve completed programming the step sequenced parts of a song, I will need to migrate the entire song into another DAW.

I’ve exported some songs fine using Anvil Studio and MidiYoke.
Then saved the song as MID and well, no problems playing it elsewhere.
Ofcourse, these songs weren’t effect command dandy songs (complex effect applications etc.).

Thanks, I will think about ReWire and MidiYoke although both options seem like they will be a bit of a hassle.

Here are some additional issues I ran into while working around Renoise’s inability to accurately create MIDI files:

  • Renoise cannot import a MIDI file into an existing song. It can only import it as a new song.

  • Once you have the MIDI data in a new song, there is no way to merge it with your existing song unless you use XRNS-PHP xrns_merge.

  • When moving a block in the Pattern Matrix to a pattern with a different length, I would like a warning which says, “The destination pattern has a different length. Proceed? Yes or No.” I spent 30 minutes trying to figure why my patterns were messed up by moves like this.

  • There is no lasso tool to multi-select blocks in the Pattern Matrix. You can Ctrl-Click multiple blocks but this is cumbersome.

I finally achieved the result I wanted but it is painful and time consuming dealing with these issues. Hopefully the developers will address some of these in the future.

Not ideal but I can only suggest using two open Rnoise instances.

Copy and Paste between the two instances of Renoise.

Not a bad idea generally but may get annoying at times…

Left Click one square to select it, Shift + Click other corner to select a block, giving you a square selection in two clicks that is the same result as lassoing would give you. You can also hold Shift and use the Arrows if you are more a keyboard user.

Finally used Renoise again last night so I had a chance to try these out.

Yes, but I don’t think you can Copy multiple patterns and tracks at once. In any case, XRNS-PHP xrns_merge works well enough.

So add a checkbox to “Don’t display this message again.” It would suppress the message for the rest of the session.

Thanks, Shift + Click works.

At this point, the only major sticking point for me is lack of an accurate Save as MIDI function.