Save .Wav By Drag To File Browser?

Ok. I’m really not that familiar with the ins and outs of the Disk Browser.

Say I have a wavefile I’ve just cut up real nice, and I’d like to save it back to the same folder I got the original one from. No XRNI details, just a pure .wav.

Can I just drag it to the DiskOp. - how would I go about doing that, please? I know this is a real drag in Ableton Live - for instance, where it asks for playback to be stopped, if one wants to get any semblance of a processed .WAV onto your harddrive of choice.

Since I didn’t learn to do that without stopping playback in Live, anddon’t know how to do it in Renoise - will I be able to figure out how to just save a .wav from the Instrument box to a DiskOp browser - could there be some sort of modification of what happens to the file when it is placed in Disk.Op space?

I’m really confused as to this matter, as some sort of logic says that it should be possible to just drag a sample from the instrument box into the diskbrowser - what am I missing?

Your thinking is very intuitive, but Renoise unfortunately doesn’t support that particular action yet.
I would desire so in one way, but how would the file be called if the instrument or sample doesn’t have a name? And if the file is already existing what should Renoise do?
The answers are simple but this has got to be implemented yet.

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Question, I see that the context menu has “Save instrument As”. Is it true that there is no “Save sample As” possibility in this context menu?

However, exists in the Sample Editor…

And the Sample section of Instrument Editor (still think splitting the lists up was a weird move.)

Yes in the sample editor it is logic to have the save sample option in there.
In the instrument window this is not logical. How should renoise know which sample to save if you have more samples inside one instrument?

True. But if the Save Sample exists in the Sample Editor / Sample Box - is it a big step from there to being able to “call” it by dragging a sample-box content .wavefile to the DiskOp?

I don’t know, i guess that’s up to one of the developers to consider.

Ok this is pretty dinky, and obviously works, but requires mouse movement. The current configuration is to select a sample and press a key and it asks for folder and samplename, so you press one key, navigate around folders, then type stuff in. It’s “more familiar”, kinda.