Saving a phrase template, …

… similar to the Save As Template Song, but for the phrase editor. BTW: It would be nice to have the possibility to create and manage more than just one default song template. :wink: Minkepatt

Why not just save the phrase preset?
You can save any template song as an xrns and put it in a folder called ‘Song Templates’ and save that folder as a song browser preset for easy access. Could be handy with a preset for template songs too though, like a dropdown menu that shows up when you right click the New Song or something.

There’s a tool for that…
New Tool: New from Template (2.8, 3.0)

@minkepatt you can save and load custom phrases here:
Screen Shot 2022-02-26 at 5.49.56 PM


Just realized the source link is old, I moved to lua/com.neurogami.NewFromTemplate.xrnx · master · James Britt / Neurogami / renoise-ng · GitLab

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