Saving a sliced drum loop


This is very basic. Once a sliced drum loop is made, where to save it ? Using the main browser at the top (eg. the floppy disk - .xrni file I believe) or by using the multi-sample drop down in the top right corner ? What is the difference between the two ? I’m asking because I would tend to consider that a slice drum loop, with several drum instruments, is a multi-sample. Or is it a .xrni instrument ? The drum loop was simply made using the automatic slicing - no destructive rendering option.

Thanks !

If you save via the multi-sample preset list in the Keyzones editor, then it will produce a standard SFZ file with only the basic samples, keyzones, and other related properties.

If you save via the instrument preset browser at the top, then it will save a full XRNI instrument with its samples, keyzones, phrases, modulations, DSP chains, and so on.

So which one you choose is really up to you, and depends upon which aspects of the sound you wish to save for later use, how you intend to work with it, and so on.

If you only intend to work within Renoise/Redux, then it may be better to simply stick with XRNI instruments, since you’ll preserve all of our native sampler properties.

Thanks ! This answers exactly what I was wondering about.