Saving All Samples In Rns In One Go?

Hi all,

I use VSAMPLER from time to time and theres a feature that lets you save all contained samples into a separate folder on your HDD if you wish. I know RENOISE is not a dedicated sampler and do not see any reference to such a feature but is there some way of doings this other then saving each sample separately?


Please explain this. What is the “UNZIP” program?

I see.

Thanks for the reply.

I now have all the samples extracted but each are in seperate folders within the "SAMPLE DATA folder. Is there a way to get them all extracted to one folder… instead of having to manually drag/drop them?

May seem a little trivial but I will be using lots of samples and will be doing this operation quite often…

your decompression software should have some option such as “don’t extract pathnames”

Don’t see this in WINRAR but will have a look around.

Thanks folks

1] open the XRNI with WinRAR
2] press the “Extract to” button
3] choose the “Advanced” tab on the top of the dialog
4] click on “Do not extract pathnames” checkbox

Sorted! Superb

Thanks again mate!