Saving Changes From Sample Editor?

Hey there guys.

Serious newbie question here.

I’ve got a breakbeat sample that I’ve managed to slow down (it was too fast for my track) using the Sample Editor tool.

Thing is - how do I save these changes so that I can then use the amended sample in the Pattern Editor?!

When I go back to my track, it’s still far too fast!

Cheers in advance! :)

You know you can play samples at different pitches by playing on different notes (keys)?

What precisely have you done in the sample editor? Usually this play at the base note speed (using Enter etc) or whatever key you pressed to play it.

Instrument settings might be what you want. Here you can finetune the sample to make it fit more perfectly. Or set it to Sync mode, where you can set how many lines the sample last for.

Thanks a lot bud, I’ll look into the instrument settings and sync mode.
I’ll let you know how I get on.

If you sync a drum sample, then you can put in an empty pattern, select it and use render to sample. Voila, a new drum loop in a different BPM. You can also use render to sample to make crazy drum fx by doing this:

  1. Put crazy FX on your drums
  2. Render to sample
  3. Replace old drums with newly rendered drums
  4. Go back to 1 and repeat :drummer:

That’s quite clever mate - makes sense when you think about it!

I’ll give that a go and see what happens!

Cheers for the help! ;)