Saving Delay Multiplier Settings

For as long as I can remember, the Delay dsp in Renoise has reverted the to the default multiplier settings of Left 01 and Right 03 upon loading up a song. Is there any reason for it to revert to a default as opposed to keeping the last setting used?

Scenario: I open up my song again to work on and decide I want to adjust the tempo. After doing so I have to update all my delay settings. However the multipliers have all defaulted to L01/R03 so I have to think back and try to remember what they were set as.

Anyone else have experience with this? I could probably just note the multiplier somewhere but I’m curious how other Renoisers approach this.

Cheers :)

What version are you using? With 1.9 you can put a tick in the “line sync” checkbox of the delay device and change the song speed without having to touch the delay device ever again.

Cheers indeed! :)

Still using 1.8 here. That sounds interesting though, I’ll have to give it a try. :)