Saving/exporting Samples/instruments

Is there any way I can save an instrument that I have been working on in one Renoise project to my hard disk without having to render each “hit” to disk in the pattern editor and then rebuild the bloody thing in another project?

Surely there’s a way to save all your instrument data so you can use it in other projects! I can’t find anything about this in the tutorials and ctrl/right clicking doesn’t yeild anything.

Thanks in advance.

If the “other project” is another Renoise song it’s just as simple as selecting the “Instrument” radio button in the diskbrowser, then fill in a name in the textarea next to the save button.
As soon as text appears in that text-line, the save-button turns white and you can click it to save your instrument and then ofcourse load it back in your other project.

This also goes for samples. A bit cumbersome you have to supply a filename first but it works.

Is that what you were looking for?

Thank you so much! You have just saved me a bumload of time.

I feel like a bit of a mongoloid now, but that never occured to me.

Big up yourself, squire!

Well, it isn’t very clear in the descriptions of the file-functions, so mongoloid does not apply to you… Reminds me to adapt a few other things as well.