Saving Instruments

Hi, could ya help me with this little query…

I’ve spent some time creating an instrument, mapping lots of samples across a keyboard and would now like to use the same instrument in a different song. Can I save the instrument so that I can load it into a new song?


you sure can.

  • select your instrument of choice in the instrument browser, so that it is highlighted.
  • open disk browser
  • in the left area of the disk browser, select “Instrument”
  • below the right window of the disk browser, enter a name of your choice for the respective instrument
  • click the disk-icon (save) left to the field you’ve just entered the name in.
  • done.

oh yes that was easy thankyou every much, have a lovely day!

no problem and welcome to the forums, btw!
happy renoising! :walkman:

nice, ive been wanting to do this and thought i was not supported! besT!