Saving Instruments

… so that they can be loaded into another trak.
can someone tell me how to do this?
i thought you could right-click on the instrument and that would do it, but i can’t find the command anywhere in the help file???
ever since i upgraded to ren1.8 i’ve wanted to do it but haven’t gotten a chance to ask yet…

thanks for any help,

you can browse other songs intruments by clicking on the “+” and load the .flac you need

but there’s no way to save/export?
i guess this works ok; thanks…
i also like the feature of copying it to the clipboard, but RAM’s probably not my storage of choice when doing such things. ;)

Go to the Disk Browser.
Choose “Instrument” from the list.
Enter a filename and hit the save button, as you would with a song.

dblue the king of screenshots!

a little picture is much better than 100000 words!

OK, thanks dblue.
I’ve always just hit command-s (mac).
And how much nicer is the new xrni format!?!

take care,

Maybe drag and drop from the instrument list to the diskpanel would be a handy option as well