Saving/loading Patterns

According to this thread…ic=6320&hl= there are more people interested in this feature which should not be so difficult to implement I believe. I used this a lot in previous trackers. And I used them within the same song so instrument mapping worked. Even if mapping is going to be changed, there are re-mapping tools for this.
The workarounds for save pattern are not so smooth and useful even if they do work.
There was also “save track” feature but has not so hight priorty for me at least.

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You mean copy the pattern to the clipboard and then paste it in a text-editor and save it to harddisk?
It would indeed not save along instrument mappings, but i have not seen such support in any tracker i know of that supported track and pattern saving features, which tracker does that?

I remember saving and loading patterns all the time in FT2.

I was directing towards saving along the “instrument mappings”. FT2 supports track and pattern saving, but related instruments are not saved along and automatically remapped when loaded.

it would be a cool thing to have,please implement it

Sounds like something that could be implemented easily with the advanced script function. That’s still going to happen right?

The workaround I meant was copying to clipboard, create/load a new song and paste. And then do that the other way round to restore the pattern data.

I’m not familar with the method you describe with the text editor, I’ll have to try that,
The instrument mappings are not saved as I remembered in the old trackers. This is not a problem though if you are working on the same song and don’t change too much in your mapping. I don’t know if it would be possible or actually make more of a mess than helping you to store the instrument mappings.

The “FT2-style” pattern/track save/load will be perfectly fine to me.

The method with copying to clipboard and then paste into a text document works, a few more steps to do it but it does the job.
Another workaround is to paste patterns into high numbered patterns you are not going to reach, for example number 100, 101… and so on and then copy them back when needed. Doesn’t work between songs though. Saving songs in a proper way would be beneficial to song collaborations where users can insert as they like.