Saving modulation matrix

I can save modulation sets. Can I somehow save the whole matrix as well? that would be nice for storing instrument presets without the need to duplicate it.

It does, when you save a preset, all modulation sets are saved along with it.

You can’t save a single set though.

maybe we are talking about different stuff, but when i save a preset it only saves a single set (with saving preset you mean that little dropdown in the upper right of the envelope window, yes?). I often have instruments with several samples set to several modulation sets. can’t I just save their states as a whole? like inside an external vsti, where i can switch through different settings to generate different sounds of the same source…

and what (EDIT) i also don’t know how to do: Sometimes I have this envelope construction in a cutoff section that I like and I want to copy it or move it to another set’s pitch/pan/volume slot, but how? copy and paste either copies a single modifier or the complete set