Saving Patterns In Text Apps As .xml

I copied a pattern to the clip board and pasted it into TextEdit, and then saved as .XML file. I then tried to load it somehow into a track in Renoise with the following error: “…not a valid Renoise XML file”

Is what I am trying to do possible? Maybe I should get the PHP tools and script this or what?

I’m trying to save some grooves in text files to recall when needed in other songs. Or maybe there is some other way to accomplish this?


Did you copied a whole pattern data?
If so, try copying and pasting back again, from texteditor to Renoise.

Maybe you can simply,

  • copy the whole data in texteditor
  • paste it to a new pattern in Renoise


  • copy the whole data in texteditor
  • open the Advanced Edit in Renoise
  • select “Whole Pattern” and click “Paste”

Yeah, that does work as a little bit of a workaround…

Although, I’d like to be able to load the patterns quickly from the browser menu by simply dragging the file to the track in the pattern sequencer. Just like saving a MIDI file and dropping it in a track in any other program. I understand that MIDI export is in the works in Renoise, but until then I’d like to have something like that.

I do not know if this is possible?

Ah, unfortunetly it’s not possible with current version, I think. ;)

There are some multi-clipboard tools around that can make your life even a lot easier.
You cannot drag and drop files to include it into your current song.
You can drag and drop songs, samples and XRNI files from the explorer onto Renoise, but when you drop songs into it, Renoise will not merge the contents with what is open.
Also dragging samples from the explorer window into Renoise, Renoise creates an instrument from each sample. Dragging multiple samples into one instrument from the OS file explorer won’t work.