Saving Renoise instrument from script

Is there an API call to save an Instrumentobject into a .xrni file?

I’ve searchedthroughthe online documentation but to no avail…

Thank you!

No, currently there is no such thing. Closest thing would be sample_buffer:save_as(), but that only saves the sample data and not the instrument.

Would be a nice feature to have…

Thanks. It would be nice indeed…


EDIT: load_from() would be nice too …

@taktik is this a feature that you and the team could please take a look at adding?

I’m trying to write a Renoise tool to automate creating a library of XRNI instrument files from selected instruments in a song, but I can’t do it without this functionality.

My use case is that I’ve rigged up an external application to quickly jump between instruments in Renoise via a Launchpad S MIDI device.

It’s a bit of a bummer for me that I can’t save instruments via the API because I’ve written a bunch of code to load XRNIs via Lua, and it works like a charm. This is the last piece of functionality I need to be able to quickly manage my instrument library without using the “Save Instrument As” modal in the GUI.

FYI, to load instruments you can just use“filename.xrni”)

Are these not it then?

That’s it, thank you! Didn’t realize the functionality was in the app instead of the song.