Saving Renoise's Song In Xml ?

The famous one button composing program :D , i’ve heard about a few through times (sry dont recall the names), i do believe some have really smart programming to make it sound okay, but it can’t substitute for good old fashion composing where you get what you want. But if it’s fun do it, i’ve thought about it too just to see how far one can go with it, or atleast try getting it to do your own style/knowledge.

Soon we’ll be listening to algo-music generated in realtime on our portable music players, with ‘mood-sliders’ to control the speed and emotive qualities of the music.
Instead of artists selling albums, they’ll sell new programs for algo-players.

‘Have you heard the new Aphex program? It’s f****ing mental’ etc…

We might even get to the stage where the human voice, guitars and other acoustic instruments can be faked so realistically that the entire pop music scene could be just a cold, money-making business, with nothing more than demographics and marketing at it’s core. Oh, hang on, it is already. :P

It’s brilliant to know you’re among likeminded folks, it really is. :D

Sounds pretty longwinded to me. Tools like that would be very hard to use because you will first have to save the song down to disk in renoise, then open them in your custom tool, then do your edits (probably without possibibilities to listen to them) and then save the song and open them in Renoise again.

A custom plugin-API for Renoise would be a much better way to write such implementations.

The open format will most likely mostly be suitable for conversion tools and import/export-functions in other music-apps…

It depends… the clipboard contents are shared, so if it only relates to single pattern (selection) data (or dsp chain, instrument envelopes etc) you could paste it into the tool, if it would support it and then copy it back to the system clipboard to paste it back into renoise.
Complete song-processing will indeed require save and reload.

Still sounds pretty longwinded to me :wink:

Maybe, but there were also wishes to copy and paste sample-data between the Renoise sampler and an external sample editor.
This however is unfortunately not working in the next edition.

I agree 100% twilek, but until which time there is a plugin API inside Renoise, it’s just a way to get it done.