Saving Tracks And Patterns

Is it right that when I save a track (in disk op.) it doesn’t save the notes along? Is there a way to copy patterns and tracks from one song to another? Help! I need this!

You can copy patterns, tracks, blocks and columns from a track to another. Go to “advanced edit” and in the “masking and transforming” menu select what you want to copy. Then click on “copy”, load another song, open "advanced edit " menu again and click on “paste”… You can copy tracks settings too…

Don’t know if this is what you asked… :P

What you mean closing the module?
Fortunately it’s not clearing when you load one song over another and this is only known workaround of howto copy track data (notes) from one song to another… Just succesfuly tryed by myself.

So what if i need to copy an entire pattern? 16 times opening and closing two modules and saving and loading? Oh my god… Renoise team could this be implemented in the next version… please?! Reason for this is that i’m still working on da liveset :yeah: and need to copy data from separate Renoisefiles into the liveset-file. And since there’s over 12 tracks that need to be implemented… :unsure:

Thanx for the replies by the way, guys!

What about copying the entire pattern (Ctrl+F4) then? Load the other song and paste it with Ctrl+F5 :)

Yeah… i guess that’s the only way. Not a fun thing when dealing with 30 mb 64-channel files…