Saving Vsti Presets As A Renoise Format. (with Preview)

My sample library has always been a mess, and even messier is all the seperate files for presets and banks for my VSti’s scattered all over the place in deep folder structures.

Usually when I’m making music I just use a couple of my favorite VSti’s. Some of them I’m quite familiar with but some of them I don’t really understand yet. Either way mostly i end up browsing all the presets in a bank looking for the right kind of sound and start tweaking from that.

Most of the VSTi’s allow me to save presets as a seperate file, but finding those again and opening them can be quite a hassle. I noticed that when i Loaded a VSTi, tweaked it and saved my song without saving the preset in that VSTi. Renoise remembers my settings and tweaks, next time I load the song.

So what i wish for is a new Renoise filetype, or maybe preset and VSTi data embedded in *.rni files. and along with that a short clip saved playing a couple of tones in different octaves for Autoplay when browsing RNI’s. I don’t know how it should be done with the preview, but a small sample saved in the Rni ass ogg could be used.

Maybe Rni already can save that sort of stuff, but anyways… preview of Rni’s would be really awesome so u don’t have to load it, play some notes then if u dont like it load another and so on.


Preset data is already saved in human readable format in the .xrni files.

Just open the .xrni file inside winzip or winrar and inspect the .xml file inside.

Wow… I learned something new today =)

But there’s still the issue of autoplay, When saving an RNI, an it would be good to have a rendered sample from that preset saved in the .XRNI file. both for VSTi’s and Sample based XRNI’s