Saxophone House track made with Renoise

In the making of this track it was great to use renoise to play around with all the saxophone samples.
For the wobble effect on the synth-chords I linked the renoise-filter to a lfo.


Nice mix!

Thx! It was actually hard work!

Great track friend clean and uplifting

Cool thx!

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very catchy and pretty cheesy - but i think that’s exactly what you were after. well done ! :+1:

Thx! It’s actually a track I pitched to Universal Music. They liked it and wrote a topline to it but it didn’t made it for a release. Well, it happends sometimes.

Keith303 - You was a big inspiration for me back inn the tracker days. And I see you still rocking on Renoise. You are a legend🙌

Did you mix that one in renoise? Just listened with the cell phone and it sounds really good. Will listen on speakers tomorrow.

Sure! 100% renoise. I did put a Fabfilter Pro-L on the masterbus for limiting, and used a cupple of vst pluggins. But I tend to use the the Renoise effects the most.

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