Scale feature for phrases

It seems that intrument scales only processing incoming notes and not outcoming notes from phrases:

Would be nice, when we could have it for outcoming, too. So we could programming melody lines to play them on keyboard and it will be always in current selected scale.

What do you mean? It seems to respect the scale just fine here.

Create a melody in phrase and play them with the tranpose mode in your song. Scale only affects incoming notes, it doesn’t affect the notes coming from phrases.

I want to use notes in phrases which are not in scale, which then will be forced to scale afterwards.

Works here (3.2.1).

Enter all pitches from C to B in a phrase. Trigger with C-4 (or anything) from the main pattern editor. All notes out of scale in the phrase are rounded down.

Mhn, i think the root note is important here, which i missed there. When its wrong, then melody lines sounds quite different.

AFAIK, Renoise will play only the notes that are within the scale, regardless of their origin (pattern editor, phrase editor, LUA tools, MIDI input, OSC). Any off-scale note will be played with the nearest note immediately below within the scale selected in the instrument.

The root note will shift the entire scale. For example C# will have the same scale as C- shifted a semitone up.

I believe your phrase needs to be composed in C major - then changing the scale should work.

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Imo, that depends on what mindset you wanna use, what kind of phrase it is and how accustomed you are to scales. For me it’s a bit easier composing in the same key as the actual song (after selecting the corresponding key+scale), as I’m already used to typing in that scale and it sounds coherent when previewing it. You can always transpose the phrase to “C” afterwards, to make it ‘standardized’ for reusing in other songs/keys.

Oh, you are right. I was confusing the question with phrase presets.