Scale Finder Keyboard Focus

Not sure if i’m posting this in the correct sub-forum.

ran into this problem while using ‘Scale Finder’. is it possible to have a way to keep keyboard focus on the pattern editor, while still being able to change parameters in tools? why i ask is because in Scale Finder i’ll click a note to input it, and want to hear it right after that. however, when i press spacebar, the song does not play because the tool has keyboard focus. i have to click to the pattern editor again to be able to play the song. this seems like too much trouble.
is it already possible to arrange how this works through scripting, or is it something that needs to be considered? anyone else with the same problem?

I’ve downloaded the scalefinder 0.3 and have no problems with what you want to achieve. (also check if it returned keyinput back to Renoise and it does) Which version of the scalefinder do you have?