Scale Finder Tool update for 3.0?

A request for an update for the scale finder tool so that it can be used in 2.8 :ph34r:

Is there a different tool you are asking after? I’m using this in 2.8.0 religiously. Its got some bug… or something… ( I had like one crash, I can hardly remember it ) its like working 99.99% of the time. I use it every day.


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What ScaleFinder version is this?!? I got v0.6, which e.g. lacks the options at the bottom. As a sidenote, I think 0.6 works in 2.8.1, but I don’t remember if I tweaked the API version in manifest.xml

Now I’m totally confused…


of course it seems like the guy who hacked Suva’s code has disappeared into the wilderness or something. than at the bottom of that thread, is the one most post I made back in may, where I must have had some sort of bug… but it must of been something way frikking random, cause I don’t remember it happening again…

Ah, ok, thanks. Grabbing the download vV posted over there. (My guess is Suva doesn’t mind, because if he did, he would have intervened by now.)

Edit: Wait, now I see! vV posted v0.8 of Suva’s ScaleFinder, while what you use is actually ScaleFinderOSC! Just wanted to clarify this a bit.

My version also supports OSC.

Ok, didn’t know that. I only wanted to point out we’re talking about different tools, not simply different versions. Now I got them all, hah! ;)

Could someone move this to the tools catalogue please?

Hi, scale finder is a great tool but how do you experiment with chord inversions (some tips?)
Is there any faster way than transposing single note by one octave up or down?

It would be amazing if that tool would be able to make that inversions
and it would be nice if you can place a chord without affecting playback.

besides that it is very handy!

it would be nice if they made a tool for this purpose too even if it wasn’t necessarily a new function in scale finder but a tool where you highlight your chords and you can keep switching through the possible inversions between an octave range you set, a undo to original would be handy in this tool as well (just in case you tried a large handful of possibilities but then decided the original chord was best)
I don’t think it would be hard to make as I think there is already a tool that makes new patterns based on the notes within the source pattern you select (though I’ve forgotten the name of this tool)

Yeah, I suppose it wont be a big deal for somebody who knows scripting.
And it can be a tool that will compensate piano roll ;). Things like this are very helpful for some of us.
I´ve made a very lame prototype that shows which way this tool might be updated.

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BUT does anybody has idea how to upgrade this idea so it would more usable?
There is a problem, theoreticaly if i change some octave in one chord and i will click on any another my previous changes will disappear and i wont be able to jam with that, preview it in a moment.
So… how to solve it? More elegant way how to change octaves? Developing some sort of memory? Dunno

Your suggestion for another tool looks less comfortable but it may be a workaround. In any case there is already pianolol f.e. it can be used for transposing etc.

Let’s see if your imageshack link is mysteriously removed. This is the exact image I posted in the thread months ago. I wonder why somebody would complain. Terribly strange indeed.

I’ve since moved on to using imgur, and haven’t logged into imageshack in ages; I just logged into imageshack two seconds ago, when I saw this thread had been bumped, and sure enough, all my images are still there, with the exception of this one.


What do you mean?
That you´ve made same concept, pasted it here and it disappeared? Strange

That I posted a picture of the scalefinder, and it disappeared… I agree, “strange.”

please updateScale finder to rns 3.xx