scaling envelopes in time?

Is there any way to scale an envelopes (instrument modulation in 3.0) or automation by time? I’m wanna use randomize processed envelopes and they often to fast.

I don`t know if I understood this correctly, but I think an LFO should be doing it fine for you.

I’m not sure, how a lfo could help here.
An example: I’ve a simple ramp up automation or envelope which is 10ms long. Now i want to scale it in time to get a 20ms long ramp up automation or envelope. How can i do this? It would be also nice, if we could shrink it to 5ms.
Sure i could simply move the end point of the ramp in time. But what can i do, if i have a complex one, with several points, it would be complicated to move each point manually in time.

You can do that to an LFO device via a formula device.

This will work at varying degrees at different BPMs/LPBs/TPLs, but it will still work.

Adjust the commented part in the formula to match your settings.

Do tell me if it doesn’t work at all, I had to restore the chain from a dead hard drive.

To change the time, adjust the inputs on the formula device.