Scanned Synthesis Vst

YOu pay what you want ,just ordered …

…;for this quit unique sounding vst …a technique called scanned synthesis

It’s really crazy …last week fabfilter one for 5 euro’s now this …'strange days indeed ’

Hey peoploids ,this is a verry unique action for a unique synth …( Noppes I don’t work for them )
I just wanna shout out that this synth is really something , you decide how much you want to pay for it ( the minimum is one dollar )
Go for it

I tried the demo, but i was actually not really that much impressed.
Ofcourse, a dollar is not much yet i have some freeware stuff that does similar or more than this plugin does so i have no need for a synth like this.

The sound demos on the website are rather impressive. Definitely interesting.