Scans Of Kaneel'S Interview

So I heard Kaneel did an interview in a German magazine…? Does anyone have any scans, or better yet… translations…?! Very curious about it actually :)

Thanks in advance!

Plus one

Kaneel is in Beat??? Cool! I actually thought this magazine to be a bit weird (despite me buying it almost each months), but this is actually a nice move!

I’m hurt :(

can someone explain to me what happened with Kaneel on the forums here? i read some of the stuff but he seems really pissed about stuff that happened around here or stuff people said, and right now it seems one half of the forum is done with him and the other half is hoping for him to return… is he such an amazing guy or what? the interview does not really give me that impression, but its just an interview, i never knew him (in digital person) or anything.

I think he didn’t got critics that were enough constructive to be able to do something with it here.
But lots of his stuff was pretty much original, what could be criticized constructively about that?
If it is hard to compare, imho it is good stuff only for that matter. But that also makes it hard to improve it because there is not much to compare with it.

And he was realllly bad at handling trolls on the forum…

Nice, thanks for sharing. :)

interesting. because that part wasn’t in the german mag. also the translation is about 5 pages longer.

what happened to bytesmasher and beatslaughter
Been a long time since they’ve been on the board

Some of us are becoming more like lurkers in our old age. I find I have less and less to say, and most certainly less emotional things to say. If I have a fact to share, I’ll share it. If I can constructively assist with a niche issue, I will. If I can add some positive vibe and reinforcement to a suggestion or creative work, sure I’ll chime in where appropriate. But on the large scale of things, the world can do without my opinion. It just adds more noise.

Beatslaughter seems to spend all his time playing Left 4 dead 2 :slight_smile:

Yes, we need more n00bs on the forums!

Beatslaughter is, i believe, still pretty active on the scripting side of things.
Bytesmasher’s entries are few and far apart.
MMD makes a good point that i think speaks for a lot of oldtimers here (mind you, i’m not one of those). it is a bit of a shame though, since these are the people who generally have lots and lots of experience, both in electronic music and in Renoise. couldn’t you just spend more time writing Renoise:In Depth pieces? :)

anyway, concerning Kaneel… so he is an emotional guy, apparently, and ran away after having his feelings hurt. i’ll take that as an explanation and refrain from giving any opinion since, as i said before, i never even spoke to the guy. thanks for telling me anyway.

exactly as I feel it.
I come here daily, since 2002 joined in 2003 but got less and less to say, so I just lurk for news or for people to help.

The translation has more questions and some answers are more detailed than in the german version… :huh:
I’m wondering if the translation is the original transcript of the interview and the german mag version is abbreviated…?
EDIT: Ok, i’m pretty sure it’s that way, because the english file originates from kaneel’s site, so that’s probably his transcript.

Thanks for the info, guys :D

On the matter of Kaneel:
Guys, get over yourself. He just asked to have his account deleted and then some mod made a topic about it. It should never have been such an issue as it IS not an issue. There are so many people not visiting these forums anymore. The only difference is that they didn’t have their account deleted. So what if Kaneel is thorough? ;)

There are more in the works. Patience, life is complicated. :D

another oldie gone is Johann, guy always seemed to get himself in arguments and what not, but a shame a skilled coder has banned himself from this place. Yes, I’m greedy for tools :wink: